Data valuation as a service

We provide a proven and defensible data valuation service
to determine a monetary value for your data

Our services are designed to ensure maximum value for your data so you can manage it as a monetary intangible asset

We grow shareholder value by realising the unrealised value of your data assets

We have realised $1.4 billion in unrealised data asset value for companies already


Increasingly, data assets are the engine driving the total value and growth of modern organizations. Realizing the potential value of your data is critical to increase the value you provide to stakeholders, and to optimize the future success of your organizations!

We provide this framework for you


Many companies fail to understand both the value of their existing data assets and the underlying levers that can increase data value. This can mean that they miss out on the competitive advantages that their data assets can generate.

We identify and calculate this value, so you don’t lose out


We help companies understand how valuing their data helps them make strategic decisions across areas from capital allocation and investments, M&A, JV and alliances to customer acquisition and retention, improving supply chain and production efficiencies, talent management.

We enable this advantage for you.

Why value your data?

  • Data is the largest asset most companies have, yet it is not taken into account when valuing a company.
  • Data is an intangible asset yet is not reported on a company’s balance sheet whilst IP is, yet data is in most cases the most valuable asset.
  • The current value of all your data assets is near-zero.
  • We calculate the value of your data so its value can be recognised and defended.
  • We give that intangible data asset a defensible value.
  • We have realised $1.4 billion in unrealised data asset value for companies already

How do we value your data assets?

Our services provide a fair and considered valuation of your data.

We use utilise a stringent and proven process to achieve this goal for your company and your data.

  1. We provide a data valuation report of your data from 20 different data valuation methodologies and calculations to create a defensible valuation of your data unique to your company and its data.
  1. We interrogate your data for data due diligence and for strategy, security, governance, monetization privacy and people
  1. We review the data monetization strategies against each use case in order to glean as much current and future value of your data as possible.
  1. We provide analytic evidence of data value as well as model forecasts for data drivers, use case, and monetization impacts to the data valuation of your data

What can I do with a data valuation?

Calculate your data ROI

Determine a data acquisition cost

Identify your data asset market value

Identify your data performance value

Perform due diligence on your data assets

Determine a cash value of data assets

De-risks investment

Investment leverage

Reduce dilution of your invested capital

Data value for M&A or IPO

Want to value your data?

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