Seeking investment

 Ostara is in a unique position to take ownership of the human fertility pathway with its range of next generation products to improve pregnancy rates


IP protected



£5 million

Target raise

 Ostara is raising £5m to deliver key products to the fertility market and strengthen its ownership of the fertility pathway. Reaching profitability by the end of 2023 and offering the opportunity for significant returns on investment.

Ostara is in a unique position to take ownership of the human fertility pathway with its range of next generation products to improve pregnancy rates.

Ostara is taking ownership of the fertility journey with its pathway of unique and proprietary products, offering end-to-end solutions supported by its digital platform.

The problem

Globally 1 in 6 couples struggle to conceive

  • Fragmented market with few cost-effective/ accessible fertility treatment options
  • Treatments have low success rates
  • Limited access to accurate information with no end to end support
  • Little innovation in large areas of the market with few clinically validated products

The opportunity

  • Growing consumer awareness of fertility solutions is energising consumer demands
  • Targeting the huge potential to repurpose/redesign clinical technology for home use
  • Translating products from developed to developing countries
  • Rapidly growing Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART) market (10% CAGR)
  • Market forecast $50bn by 2027

Our portfolio

Pipeline: Clinical and home products being targeted for remainder of pathway
Evie™ – Clinical Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) device that
increases pregnancy by 2.5x (FDA/CE marked
Zoie – Clinical IVF/IUI pessary that primes uterus for enhanced embryo implantation
Digital Platform: Developed to drive Ostara’s product range and pipeline IP: Extensive portfolio of granted patents (US,EU, China, Japan, Singapore, Canada), trademarks and design rights

Revenue and EBITDA (£m)

Revenues shown for Evie™ and Zoie, launching in H2 2022 and H2 2024 respectively. These will be complemented by additional products acquired or licensed in 2021, 2022 and follow-on years.
Breakeven is achieved by the end of 2023.

Sales traction is built rapidly via KOL clinic chain partnerships penetrating multiple country clinics. Priority countries include, EU, UK, USA and Asia leveraging current relationships.

To date Ostara has received £1.5m in non-dilutive grant funding from Innovate UK and UK Research Councils
(BBSRC and NC3Rs). Further applications are being made.

CompanyOstara Biomedical Ltd
Liverpool Science Park, Innovation Centre, Liverpool, UK
Investment sought£5m
Use of fundsAccelerate completion and launch of Evie™ IUI medical device
Drive development and formulation of Zoie (therapy for increasing IVF success rates) for preclinical and regulatory approval
Expansion of executive, commercial and operational teams
Development of fertility products/services and delivery of Ostara’s digital platform
Deliver Key opinion leader clinics and partners in priority markets
Expand Ostara portfolio by in-house innovation, product(s) acquisition and licensing
Increase IP protection for expanded commercial markets
Existing investorsPraetura Ventures LLP
North West Fund for Biomedical LP Deepbridge Capital LLP
Angel and HNW (EIS investors)
LeadershipDr Nadia Gopichandran, CEO. 20yr+ fertility R&D/entrepreneurial roles
John McKinley, Chairman. 30yr+ public/private life sciences leadership
Ian Mawhinney, Product Director. 30yrs+ commercialising new MedTech devices
Dr Sarah Field, Technical Director. Expert in R&D in mammalian reproduction
Richard Smith, CFO. 20+yrs in Life Sciences start-ups to large pharma
Dr Nicolas Orsi, Medical/Scientific Advisor. Co-inventor. Extensive experienced in fertility research and commercialisation
Forward Investment / Exit StrategyOstara is exploring an IPO in a mid-term time frame, however consideration will also be given to exit events by industry and private equity.


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